How to Chose Colors for Your Home

Choosing color for your home can be a challenge.
Here I can show you where to place color and also
offer you some color suggestions.

When I design a color palette for my clients, I refer to the interior as a ‘tree’. The Foyer is the trunk which is the core of the home and the rooms are the ‘branches’. This is like a ‘color map’ which helps my clients visualize the layout of their home instead of being so overwhelmed with color placement.

The foyer is usually a neutral color. Most of the foyers where I live are very open and continue up to the second floor. Keeping that in mind, a light, neutral color seems to work best.

I also like to put the foyer color in the hallways. Most hallways that I’ve seen have very poor lighting thus having a tendency to be shadowed. To compensate for this, it’s best to keep the color here fairly light.

In most cases, the dining room is to the left or right side of the foyer. Now again, most of the homes in Charlotte follow this type of layout which is also called an open floor plan. Don’t have a home with an open floor plan? That’s ok! You will still have an entrance way and hallways where your color will work.

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